Our Team. Meet the talented Leaders.

Willy Wong

Founder and Head of Management

An engineering graduate passionate about application software design and programming. With his expertise and guidance, Willy has led our team to develop cutting-edge solutions to tackle the mid-office and post-ticketing challenges that the travel industry faces. When he’s not busy revolutionizing the industry, Willy loves to indulge in his love of pastries and is always on the lookout for the best mille-feuille in town. He’s also passionate about staying fit and finding ways to reduce stubborn fats in his waistline.

Rob Turk

Investor and Head of Strategy

With over 37 years of experience in the travel industry. As the former President of Professional Travel in Cleveland, Ohio, Rob and his team were early adopters of iFuture’s technology. Following acquiring Professional Travel by Direct Travel, Rob joined our executive team. A sports enthusiast, Rob loves to stay active through walking, biking, golf, and pickleball. He also loves exploring the world with his family and friends, and his favourite destination is Italy, where he can indulge in his love of great food and wine.

James McCarthy

Co-founder and Head of Programming

A computer scientist with vast experience in application development. He has worked with small startups and large organizations in the financial and insurance sectors. James has been instrumental in designing our core software since joining our team over a decade ago. When he’s not leading our programming efforts, James can be found listening to his eclectic music collection, which adds a unique perspective to our team’s culture.

Wilson Young

Co-founder and Head of Computer Systems

A system design specialist majoring in system design from the 80s. Wilson brings his expertise in application software programming, network design, and data security administration to iFuture. He has been heavily involved in our travelling products, such as our Air and Hotel booking engines. His love of downhill skiing keeps him grounded and reminds him of the importance of balance in life.

Join us on our journey to transform the travel industry with the guidance and leadership of these talented individuals passionate about technology, great food and wine, sports, music, and staying healthy!

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