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Looking for the ultimate solution to reduce labor and maximize revenue for your travel management company? Look no further than iMarginManager!

Our powerful tool leverages advanced AI technology through an expert system that has been proven to be reliable, accurate, and provides quantitatively measurable results.

Choose iMarginManager for an easy-to-use, flexible, and powerful tool that streamlines your operations and maximizes your revenue potential!

How iMarginManager helps

With a range of easy to use features, iMarginManger can help your business succeed.

Contract Management Service

Easily upload contract rules and data to our knowledge base with a guaranteed 48-hour turnaround time.

Multi-Data Source Support

GDS agnostic commission engine supports NDC, multiple leading GDS, QC software, internet booking engines, or in-house developed fare search programs. This flexibility ensures seamless integration into your workflow, making it a low maintenance and hassle-free solution.


Highly scalable, with the ability to process infinite commission contract rules in parallel, ensuring it grows with your business needs.

Instant Return on Investment

Boost your commission earnings by 15% to 20% delivering an immediate ROI for your travel management company.

Labor and ADM Reduction

Automatically determine POS commissions / markup of published / private fares before ticketing, with our Mid-office processing feature, removing labor and updating the accurately determined commission in your fares.

Potent Analytics

Get sales insights instantly from our Post Ticketing Analytics report, giving you the information you need to negotiate with airlines.

iMarginManager PLUS

Our extended offering takes things to the next level with even more modules to enhance and optimize your revenue potential, including:

Shopping PLUS

A development tool kit that enables commission/markup display next to airfare quotes in Shopping.

Partial/Full Exchanges PLUS

Determines commission for partially or fully exchanged tickets, enhancing your current exchange application and reducing the intensive labor requirement.

Hotel/Car commission PLUS

Generates commission reports, lessening the complexity of such single-segment revenue streams.

Optimization PLUS

Projects Backend Override and Airline Ticket Share optimization to maximize your potential revenue.

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