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Welcome to iFuture, where we are passionate about providing innovative software solutions to travel management companies. Our product engineers, software developers, and travel consultants work closely with our clients to deliver cutting-edge technology that solves complex industry challenges.

A decade ago, while developing a B2B booking engine for a wholesale agency, we developed an application to determine commissions based on Airlines ‘paper contracts’. That application became the centre of our business, and we have spent the following years perfecting our commission calculator.  While how to best determine commissions, we have also gained insights into clients’ sales and markets, resulting in product spin-offs that improve agencies’ revenues.

The three most significant issues in determining commissions are converting the contract into a set of rules that can be used to determine commission, updating those contracts in a timely fashion, and determining the commission quickly enough that it can be introduced before the flights are ticketed.  With our commission software tool, iMarginManager, we have solved all of these challenges while also being able to handle the most complex fares and commission calculations.

Since launching in 2019, we have been able to upload commission contracts within 48 hours and achieve less than 0.05% error annually. Rob Turk, previous President of Professional Travel, OH, was so impressed by our system’s performance that he has since become an investor and strategic advisor,

Our API can seamlessly integrate into any GDS and its data sources.  As the travel industry evolves, many TMCs are now merging with others to employ different GDS and data sources to process their bookings. It is important to have a commission application that can determine commission over multiple GDS and sources with only one application to manage.

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