iMarginManager PLUS, iMarginManager PLUS is a post booking web service that provides multiple functions many of the current challenges in medium or large size agencies. The PLUS stands for multiple modules which consist of Commission Determination; Automation in Ticketing; Queue Monitoring; Analytics and Strategic Sales Planning. In the near future, a new module of Feedback to Flight Search will be released to complete the Post Processing system. By analyzing each PNR in an user specified queue, the system provides real time Commission Determination prior to ticketing based on user defined upfront commission contract data; Auto-ticketing via inserting commission information in PNR's ATFQ fields to link any agency's mid office ware to auto-generate tickets; Analytics by data-mining PNR fare attributes, sales and market data; Strategic Sales Planning using sales, commission and market data to optimize ticket shares of specific carriers based on mathematical optimization; and Queue Monitoring that monitors and alerts agency of any PNR that may not be processed properly and remain in a specific Queue for indefinite period.

SearchGDS Hotel, The latest Travelport uAPI TRM SDK powered Internet Booking Engine for hotel that displays multiple suppliers and commissions of the same hotel with unique and innovative features.

SearchGDS Air, The latest Travelport uAPI or GWS powered Internet Booking Engine for airfare which consists of a user entered fare rule database to modify fare quotes after fare shopping.

Excel2APF, An Excel spreadsheet data input template for uploading paper contract airfares to Travelport GDS via Agency Private Fares.

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