iMarginManager PLUS

iMarginManager PLUS is a Multi-Function POST-booking tool designed to reduce labor; automate ticketing; eliminate Debit Memos; improves revenues; maximize POS and backend commissions; decrease admin cost; increase sales.

Proprietary algorithm of easy to input contract rule engine enables accurate and fast determination of upfront commissions. By analyzing each PNR created by IBEs, terminals and Smartpoint at user specified queues, a PNR‘s fare attributes, commission, itineraries and sales related data is dynamically stored in a database. A fare can therefore be qualified for commission quickly and accurately by withdrawing the commission information from the database at time of ticketing. Full automation of ticketing by customized data linking to third party ticketing apps is achievable. The fare attributes, commissions and itineraries of each PNR stored in an internal database permits data-mining to provide interactive Analytics. Analytics, POS and Backend commissions also serve as input to mathematical optimization to give optimal revenue by shifting ticket shares of each carrier in specific markets, thus allowing users to strategically set future sales targets to maximize revenue streams. Information of which carrier to highlight in specific markets from optimal sales analysis can be used to manage shopping or automatically fed as feedback loop to Smartpoint to focus on specific carriers for shopping.

iMarginManager PLUS consists of multiple modules that can also be individually licensed to agencies. The modules consist of:
1. Upfront POS commission determination
2. Backend Overrides Analysis
3. Ancillary queue monitoring system

With iMarginManager PLUS, agencies can maintain the same level of expenses in sales and marketing, but increase their net overall revenue by eliminating debit memos in upfront commission determination; Reduce labor in processing upfront commissions; Increasing up front and backend overrides with enhanced sales and Improve office efficiencies.

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