SearchGDS Hotel

SearchGDS Hotel IBE is powered by uAPI Travelport Rooms & More SDK to provide hotel search with multiple supplier quotes for the same hotel. Display of commissions can be controlled pending on the system is for B2B or B2C distribution. As a B2B system, user can specify and control differential agent splits of commissions based on who the agent is as well as different suppliers. Unique to this hotel booking engine is the ability to search by Amenities and Distance from Points of Interest. The former relies on a pre determined set of graphical Amenity icons associated with each hotel in the database and the latter a rich content database of points of interests of the world to provide the advanced search technology to our licensees. SearchGDS Hotel, which uses OpenStreetMap or Google Map to provide a powerful 'Visual' element in combination of the advanced Travelport Rooms & More features, provides the the most powerful Air+Hotel Platform for Dynamic Packaging to our licensees.

• Hotel database based on Travelport Rooms & More which permits hotel search to provide multiple hotel suppliers and corresponding commissions
• Differential Commission split based on different hotel suppliers enabling the system to serve as a B2B and B2C booking engine.
• Extensive use of Graphical icons for Amenities enabling easy to read but comprehensive information about each individual hotels
• Search hotel by distance to Point of Interest with visual display of searched hotels and user defined POI on detailed street map
• Search hotel by combinations of amenities expressed in graphical icons with visual display of searched results on detailed street map
• Innovative user specified dynamic map display of hotels and locations or unique hotel listing with amenity icons

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