SearchGDS Air

SearchGDS Air IBE is powered by uAPI or GWS to provide one stop fare shopping of all fares types that are user specified based on carriers and zones. Fast and comprehensive, the IBE modifies each of the GDS fare quotes by either marking up or discounting on the Public, Private and user uploaded paper contract fares or APF based on a database of flight rules, before displaying the final fare prices for booking. The flight rule database enables user to define multi level discounts/mark up in both options of % or $ based on user customizable geographic zones that carriers covers. Booking for B2B permits "Payment on hold" to enable agents to have the flexibility of securing the seats prior to the clients' final decision of purchase. Extensive 'Analytics' reporting to enable agents to study demographics, sales pattern and pricing, ultimately leading to improved Segment sales. ACH or special low fares are available for Air Canada and other carriers' will be available.

• A large scale comprehensive air fare Internet Booking Engine for Consolidators, Online Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
• Trip Types include One Way, Round Trip and Multi Stops (6) with Open Jaws (2)
• Fare Search allows user specified Fare Types per specific carrier -- Private, Public, APF, Commissionable Public and APF fares.
• External flight rule database to check fare quotes after fare-shopping before displaying modified fare prices that are marked up/discounted
• Agency and Agent databases with user specified multiple level discount/markup that are carrier dependent to enable B2B2C, B2B and B2C
• Extensive Reporting and Analytics which permit file uplaod/download to link to middleware and/or other apps such as accounting, loyalty ...etc.

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