An Excel spread sheet template that enables one to enter fare rule data for paper contract fare modeling, then upload to Travelport GDS via APF XML. Once a paper contract fare is modeled successfully in a datasheet, it can be uploaded to Travelport GDS within seconds. When Excel2APF detects that there is any input error specified in the fare datasheet during uploading, diagnostic messages will be displayed to specifically pinpoint the error. Each datasheet represents a paper fare contract that one can file within specific document folder. Easy file management allows one to easily revise any latest contract updates by Cut & Paste and the extensive editing features in Excel. It only takes seconds to upload the latest edited spread sheet to Travelport GDS. Excel2APF can save input time by 60%-80% in Standard Contract and 20%-40% in Calculated Contract. Datasheet template compatible to APF Release 4 and 5.

• Excel spread sheet input template supporting Travelport APF Standard, Add-On and Calculated Contracts.
• Quick one step automatic uploading of spreadsheet data to GDS via APF XML
• Extensive diagnostic messages of datasheet input data error to enable easy correction and quick upload
• Online description and input options available for each input variable for referencing
• Zoning support in datasheet input
• multiple independent Add-On Contracts combinable in one single data sheet to link to one or more Standard Contracts for ease of administrat

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