iMarginManager PLUS

What are the current pain points for agencies in post booking?
Agency challenges with Upfront POS commission determination:
• Commission determination is labor intensive as every PNR must be checked to qualify if a fare meets all the rules of a contract.
• There are usually many contracts in a typical agency, it is hard for an individual tariff agent to keep track with all contracts’ rules
• The more PNR there is, the harder it is to process manually all the daily bookings to qualify fares for commissions, error free processing cannot be ensured.
• Limited time available to process commission determination adds additional chances of making errors for every PNR for commission application must be performed at time of ticketing.
• Errors in commission application will result in expensive Debit Memos which usually is the sum of the commission amount and penalty

Agency Challenges with Backend Overrides:
• Balancing Performance Targets guaranteed in suppliers’ contracts while Maximizing Profitability is a complex task especially:
• Agencies do not know their own current performance such as sales per specific market, carriers – sales over specific period...etc., hence hindering any evaluation of back end commissions.
• There is no means to validate backend commissions for specific markets
• Agencies can only accept whatever the reports update them quarterly without any possibility of verifying if the carriers’ information is correct or not/
• Agencies cannot determine how best to distribute sales to various carriers over specific markets to maximize the return of backend overrides together with upfront commissions and ticket sales.
• There is no analytical tool to quantitatively define short and long term sales targets for specific market to execute strategic planning.

Agency challenges with PNRs in queues:
• PNRs from various third party application programs are placed in many queues for post processing from booking to ticketing which may also involve manual ticket modification such as rapid exchange, multiple ticketing within a PNR..etc, can be stuck in queues due to error in third party program processing or manual operations
• Loss of revenue due to missed processing of queued PNR to sales completion leads to revenue loss as a result of compensation or sales cancelation

How is iMarginManager solving the agency problems?
iMarginManager PLUS simplifies the POS commission determination at time of ticketing
• Easy to input contract rules
• Real time processing of commission determination at time of the PNR creation.
• Instant reporting on fare and commissions with extensive user defined filters to control reports on bookings with specific carriers, date, queue numbers or PNR identifiers
• Customized commission data in specific format to enable third party ticketing software to automate commission application in ticketing
• Contract rules once verified, commission determination pertaining to specific markets and carrier will always be correct, thus eliminating any Debit Memo arising from commission filing error
• Proven results:
o Reduces 4-8 man hours per day for agency with air segments 150,000-300,000 a year
o Full ticketing automation
o Eliminates 8-10% human calculation errors

iMarginManager PLUS offers data-mining of its internal PNR database that collects all information regarding itineraries, commissions, sales, markets, fare attributes to provide:
• Real time analytics displayed in graphical charts and/or output in reports compatible to Excel format
• Analytics served as input to Strategic Sales Planning module where current performance data with carriers’ defined performance target threshold values provide instant display of calculated agency’s performance fulfilment, backend commission rates and commissions.
• Mathematical optimization analysis provides optimal ticket distribution of carriers based on current and historical performance data; insights of ticket distribution enables user to interactively analyze ‘what if’ scenarios to project seat sales in strategic markets to set sales targets.

iMarginManager PLUS , an auxiliary module to monitor if there is any PNR stuck in user specified queues when analyzing each PNR to qualify for commission, now expanded to support general queue monitoring for all third party software. Features included are:
• Alert messaging sent out based on recursive rule checking such as duration of each PNR in queue and number of queues stuck in queue,
• Multiple rules with escalation to send messages to various email alert recipients
• Easy to configure and operate, literally fire and forget until problems occur; instant messaging alert automatically activated when alert criteria met.

What does iMarginManager PLUS offer?
Upfront commission analysis:
Easy to input contract rule table
-Fast based on parallel processing
-Auto commission determination for every PNR created via IBEs and terminals
-Commission determination before ticketing
-Reduce Labour Expenses
-Improve Operation Efficiency
-Eliminate Debit Memos

Backend commission analysis:
-Up to date performance analysis
-Interactive Optimization calculator
-Minimal User Input
-Real time processing
-Study ‘what if’ scenarios
-Set Realistic Sales Targets
-Reveal untapped revenues
-Increased preferred booking
-Decrease non preferred booking
-Increased sales through increased overall total commissions

Ancillary Queue Monitoring:
-Monitor all PNRs in user specified queues
-System Redundancy to ensure workflow continuity in all queues
-Prevent PNRs stuck in queues
-Supports all 3rd party software
-Multiple level of email alert with user defined varying levels of escalation
-Reduce Operational Inefficiency
-Eliminate Sales Loss due to unknown bookings remain in queues

In the iMarginManager PLUS system, can you provide just the commission determination module only?
Yes, we can. In fact, we can combine any of the available modules in the iMarginManager PLUS to cater to any agency's needs.

We are using an inhouse developed ticketing system, how do you propose to link our system to the commissions that have been determined by your module to result in auto-ticketing?
We can insert the commission information either in the ATFQ or Remarks of a PNR. With this, we are assuming that an agency would be able to extract the commission information from the ATFQ based on using a standard commercial auto-ticketing software , or from the remarks using script file to parse the text strings in the PNR's Remarks to provide the appropriate data to handshake with the inhouse developed ticketing program.

Your iMarginmanager PLUS is a post booking tool, can you provide the same commission determination module for shopping so we can tell which fare quote has commission during shopping?
We have a new plug in module that can be added to Travelport's Smartpoint (Apollo, Galileo) so the fare quotes in Smartpoing will be accompanied with commissions if those fares are qualified for commissions. The processing in this plug in module is extremely fast and may take at an average of two or three additional seconds to process the commission determination for an average of 50-100 fare quotes.

When will this new Smartpoint plug in product be released?
We expect that it will be available by Q4 of 2016.

Will the Smartpoingt plug in support Worldspan?
Once we have released the Smartpoint plug in for Apollo and Galileo, we will be implement the same functionalities to Smartpoint for Worldspan. We expect that this is likely to happen in the first two quarters of 2017.

Does the Analytics module provide graphical curves?
Yes, the system offers the appropriate curves in either pie or bar charts or graph plotting.

We may require special data that may serve as input to our in house processing needs, does your company provide customized data-mining to meet our requirements?
Yes, we do. If the work is extensive, we may have to discuss time line of development and commercial terms; if the work is relatively straight forward, an agency can request the specifics just prior to the licensing. We assume two to three months of performing quality control of our product in the agency's environment, and also ensure the user input contract data is indeed functioning properly with respect the the contract rules and commission rate input. During this start up period, we can address the needs of any special data mining requirement. If the development is not demanding, it is likely that the special customized feature will be delivered to the agency prior to production.

Is the Strategic Sales Planning module actually the so called Contract Optimization?
The approach is similar but Strategic Sales Planning module is a real time calculator, therefore, it is a tool that allows the user to project how would like to shift the ticket shares of each carrier according to one's capacity based on having examined the optimal results of the past data. One can project the allocation of seat sales for each carrier and the system will optimize the ticket shares of each carrier based on upfront commission, revenue and backend overrides, thus enable one to study various scenarios of seat sales allocation in the future. In doing so, an agency can project exactly how one can strategically approach its sales with respect to markets. The module is a real time optimization calculator instead of a report of historical performance analysis.

What exactly is the Queue Monitoring module?
The module, in plain language, is to monitor if there is any PNR that is stuck in the queue due to whatever reasons in the workflow of agency's environment. The module will monitor any third party generated PNRs that are put in specific queue. An agency can specify the frequency of checking the queue, the number of PNRs that are accumulated in the queue before an alert is sent out. The alerts can also be set to progressively more recipients in the event that the PNRs that are stuck in the queue is not attended. The module was originally designed for monitoring the PNRs created and put into queue for commission analysis, but the same functionalities are now extended to support all other third party softwares and/or agency's functions in post booking processing.

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