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Do you support GDS Hotels also?
Yes, we are aiming at releasing our new version that will have the TRM and GDS hotels integrated to form a single hotel booking engine. The new release is expected to be in the end of Q3 2016 or the beginning of Q4 of 2016.

I am looking for hotel and car rental booking, but i see that you have Air and Hotel, will you have a car rental engine?
Yes, as soon as we can release our commercial version of the integrated TRM and GDS hotel booking engine in September 2016, we will be looking at having a sister module of car rental booking engine available. We are looking at early Q! 2017 to have the car rental booking engine released.

Can one have different combination such as Air+Hotel or Air+Car or Hotel+Car or all three components of your booking engine?"
Yes, our engines are based on the same design structure, therefore, the components can be integrated anyway one wants.

Does your IBE support Worldspan, Apollo and Galileo?
Our current IBE air supports Apollo and Galileo. We have a new version written in Travelport's uAPI that supports all three GDSs. However, the new version is in beta testing stage. As to the Hotel TRM and GDS IBE, it will support any of the three cited GDSs.

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