Do you provide custom work to us if we require modifications in your IBE to suit our special needs?
Yes we do pending on whether we can deliver the custom work or not.

We like your IBE, but we need to link to our auto ticketing system, accounting and loyalty program, do you provide the service of hand shake implementation?
Yes, we do.

How do you charge for custom work?
We provide custom work to ensure our software can meet the very special needs of the licensee as many companies are using different software systems, therefore, linking our system to other platforms is a service that we provide to our clients. For small custom job that takes a few hours, we would charge based on an hourly rate of $100-120. If the custom work may involve a long period of time to develop, we may provide one fixed sum or a fixed sum based on an estimate of N number of man hours, beyond which we may simply charge a discounted hourly rate.

For B2C, how do you take care of the ecommerce?
If the bank that offers the credit card to your company provides a gateway, then we would have to provide the custom work to hand shake the gateway to our system to effect ecommerce capability in your booking engine. The work gateway implementation may likely takes some time to develop pending on the nature of the gateway. We would usually estimate the labour involved and inform our client regarding the estimated charge from us.

Do you provide custom work for implementing ecommerce gateway?
Yes, we do, see above.

Do you need any ecommerce gateway for the hotel IBE?
Not presently as our Travelport Rooms and More version requires the hotel suppliers to provide the ecommerce processing. In the future, our hotel IBE will expand to having GDS hotels available for hotel search, which will require ecommerce gateway implement for B2C.

Can we integrate your Air and Hotel IBE ?
Yes, both Air and Hotel IBE shares the same graphical user interface, internal client/agency and agent databases and user database.

Can we have the Hotel IBE only?
Yes, one can have Air or Hotel only or Air+Hotel platform.

Our office is closed in weekend, how do you take care of the critical time of ticketing if the booking is for flight the following day which is still in the weekend?
Our IBE Air provides a critical time facility for ticketing which requires our client to define the office hours of operations, and the threshold time after which ticketing cannot be possible. Also, public holidays are required to define also so that the system can determine if ticketing is possible for last minute flight purchase.

Our different offices in different states have different public holidays, how do you take care of the critical timeline for ticketing?
We permit our licensee to use multiple PCC’s corresponding to different offices that may likely be in different States/Provinces. Corresponding to different States/Provinces, one can define different holidays also to enable determination of critical timeline of ticketing.

We like to have different PCC’s for our offices in different states, can you provide this facility to us?

How do you take care of our own pricing schedules, i.e. we like to add a standard mark up to private fares and a fixed amount of discount to our agents if there are commission overrides on our public fares?
Our IBE Air has a very elaborate module that consists of a flight rule database in which users can define fare contracts based on rules of many parameters. If a flight can satisfy a contract fully with its rules, the fare quotes will be modified according to the defined % or flat rate of $ in the particular contract. Different rates of markup and discount can also be defined for agents or clients.

Can we specify a particular % discount or markup for specific groups of subagents in your B2B system ?
Yes, we provide a consortium matrix in which the matrix elements (entries) are the markup and discount, the matrix row is the definition of different groups of clients/agents by labels, the matrix column is the particular carrier with its special From-To geographic flight zones by labels. Therefore, a multitude of % or $ discount or markup can be specified in both our B2B and B2C system. Aside from the matrix, we also provide secondary discount/markup by carriers. Finally, if the secondary value is not defined, a general default value can be stated to apply on all farequotes that do not satisfy any user defined contracts or matrix.

We have very specific carriers we would like to promote and special campaigns vary periodically depending on particular carriers’ promotions, how do you make the GDS fare search these specific carriers?
There are two approaches, if there are detailed rules involved, one can define flight rule contracts to check on farequotes. Associated with these contracts are the Departure , Ticketing and Contract From-To Dates to define the effective period for such carrier promotions. Secondly, one can simply define a markup/discount pending on faretypes by carriers. The latter approach does not provide any effective period definition, therefore, the user or tariff manager must manually configure the prices at the appropriate time and date.

We don’t have any private fares, but we have a lot of commissionable public fares that are already in the GDS, how do we display these public fares with our discounted commissions so our discounted base price would still allow us to have a margin?
Though APF permits the modification of the public fares to provide commissionable public fares, we recommend that the use of our flight rule database to define the contracts as the most effective means to approach the commission overrides. The labour to enter data in the external flight rule database in our IBE Air is minimal versus the use of APF, though our Excel2APF, an Excel fare uploader, can speed up the input process.

Do you have Travelport’s Air Content Hub (ACH)?
Yes, we provide uAPI ACH facility in our booking engine. Presently, we have Air Canada available. We would be able to provide ACH of any particular carrier within a 2 month period of preparation and testing with your PCC if your company is our existing IBE Air licensee already.

We sell packages with Air and Hotel for very specific destinations and targeted demographics, how do we make use of your IBE’s to provide such packages?
We plan to have our integrated Air+Hotel IBE further enhanced with Travelport’s latest technology---Flex Explore with which we can provide a complete interactive best pick database for destination, flights and hotel based on user specific parameters such as Beaches, Family , Cultural…etc. for destinations, and Economy, Moderately Affordable, Extravagent…etc. for pricing. We are aiming at 2015 Q4 to initiate the development of Flex Explore. If you feel that the Flex Explore is what you are looking for, we recommend that your company may initiate the licensing of our IBE Air + Hotel IBE as soon as possible as there will be some turnaround time required to launch the IBE production version first.

Do you guarantee your fare quotes, we don’t like the debit memos from carriers?
No we don’t. In theory, if we can successfully perform the fare storage in PNR, then Travelport will guarantee the fare quotes. However, if we see that fare storage cannot be performed in a PNR, we would display a warning message to the admin so that the PNR may require special attention from your company’s tariff. Our IBE prevents any further processing with the particular PNR that fails to perform fare storage. As a result of this, we believe our IBE can prevent any possible debit memo from happening simply because one cannot further process with the PNR any more.

Can you do Fare Storage in PNR?
Yes. In the event that we cannot perform the fare storage for a particular PNR, our software will alert the admin to signify that one must review the PNR which might be due to fare filing issues. Travelport should also be notified.

What if our customers find that the initial fare quote from your IBE is good and a booking is made, but then the fares are later rejected by Travelport because the quote is wrongly priced and the actual quote should be higher?
If the PNR cannot be successfully completed, there will be messages displayed to the admin. We should be notified so we can initiate a review of the fare quote.

How do you provide service support to us when we have problems in operating your software?
One can file an incident report and we will initiate a review of the incident within 24 hours upon receipt of your email.

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