Agreement and Licensing Fees

How do you charge for your IBE?
We charge by price per unit transaction. The transaction is chargeable if the IBE is used to create a PNR that is successfully ticketed. If PNRs are generated but not ticketed, there is no charge at all. As to fare searches using the IBE, there is absolutely no charge from us. However, there is a minimum monthly charge if there is no ticketed PNR in a particular month as there are always circumstances that the IBE is used for fare searches but not booking. There are also volume discount on the number of ticketed PNR in a period, please consult iFuture to inquire about the standard licensing fees that is based on unit ticketed PNR versus estimated number of annual PNR sales.

Is your charge for hotel the same as the air booking engine?
It is the same in terms of unit charge per successful booking transaction, however the unit price per transaction is significantly lower than Air. Please consult iFuture to inquire about the standard licensing fees that is based on unit hotel booking versus estimated number of annual hotel bookings.

How do you charge for the use of the Excel spread sheet input for uploading APF fares to the GDS?
Based on estimated monthly usage, we establish a monthly charge based on the number of successful uploads of paper contract fares per month. The charge of successful upload decreases as the monthly usage increases.

Do you charge by segments for your booking engine?
No, we charge by successful ticketed PNR. This is to say that if a PNR consists of oneway for one passenger, the charge is the same as a PNR for multiple passengers for return or multi-stop itinerary. In our disclosure of the unit charge per ticketed PNRs based on the number of annual PNR sales, we provide the approximate equivalent unit charge per segment with the assumption that 1 PNR is averaging 4.86 segments.

Do you have any licensing contract that binds us to using your product(s) for a period of time?
We don’t bind your company to using our products, but we require a licensing agreement between our company and yours. The contract guarantees the services and products provided to your company at agreed monthly licensing fees. The term of the agreement is usually three years.

Do you charge any initiation fees or hidden charges aside from the unit transaction licensing fees?
It depends on the estimated annual volume sales based on segments, from which we can justify the initial hardware/software set up and training. Also, there may be custom work required such as porting existing data to our database design to save the turnaround time of data input to start up our programs. We may likely lump the custom work charge and all set up expenses as a one-time initiation fee.

How do you charge custom work?
We provide custom work to ensure our software can meet the very special needs of the licensee as many companies are using different software systems, therefore, linking our system to other platforms is a service that we provide to our clients. For small custom job that takes a few hours, we would charge based on an hourly rate of $100-120. If the custom work may involve a long period of time to develop, we may provide one fixed sum or a fixed sum based on an estimate of N number of man hours, beyond which we may simply charge a discounted hourly rate.

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