I would like to see a live demo of your product, what should i do?
You can contact your Travelport representative so we can arrange a GoToMeeting to do a live demo of the products that you are interested in. You can also directly contact us at, we will reply your inquiry within 7 days upon receipt of your email.

We would like you to have a site visit at our office to study our operation, so you can propose to us of how you could adapt your software to our environment, how do we arrange this?
A site visit is always beneficial to understanding how data flows in your system, so we can have a firm grasp of how our product can be integrated to your existing system. We won’t charge any of our time to visit your company, but we do require your company to cover our traveling expenses.

Do you provide the same products to other GDS other than Travelport’s?
Presently, our products only support Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan.

I don’t have any account with Travelport yet, how do we get the ball rolling with your software?
Please contact your Travelport representative regarding signing onto Travelport. Our products require your Pseudo City Code (PCC), an Travelport account ID without which, our software will not be able to access to the GDS.

I am interested in your products, but we already have our agency or client database, can you port our database to yours?
Yes, we can provide our custom software service to writing a handshake program to port your data to our database. We can either work out a fixed price charge or if the amount of custom work is only a few hours based on our estimate, we can charge the custom work by our hourly rate.

How soon can I put your products into production if we sign up with you?
For SearchGDS Air, please assume 1-1/2 months which involves setting up configuration to specify the carriers and fare types for fare search. There is a learning curve involved in managing the administrative work such as assigning permissions to different user types so as to control what features can be disclosed to different users. Tweaking of configuration based on the PCC and our interfacing with Travelport to ensure that particular fare types are found may increase the overhead time. Finally, if you are a consolidator who have paper contract fares, then these fares must be uploaded to the GDS either by Travelport’s APF or our Excel2APF--ourExcel datasheet fare uploader. The training in using the APF upload or input will require additional time also.
There may also be a need to establish ecommerce gateway for B2C usage, hence, there may likely be slightly more than 8 weeks as there will be certification requirement for the ecommerce gateway. If all of the above is required, please assume a conservative time estimate to be around 3 months.

For SearchGDS Hotel, it would be a week or shorter, it is an easy to use turn key package without the need of ecommerce gateway installation. The booking and payment are all taken care of by hotel suppliers and Travelport.

For Excel2APF, training of using our product may require a week if one has no familiarity with Travelport APF. If one has some working experience in using APF, there is hardly any learning curve. In such a case, we may simply provide an hour training to the licensee just to ensure the user realizes how the Excel template is structured.

For iMarginManager PLUS, the module must be customized to integrate to the licensee’s system. There will also be a testing period to ensure that the integration functions properly. Please assume two to three months of turnaround time.

Do we have to set up the equipment for your software?
You as a licensee does not require to set up equipment for our software. The system is Linux based, and we are providing a web service to your company. Your unit transaction fee will plus a possible annual hardware/bandwidth fee (pending on estimated annual usage) will cover all hardware/bandwidth maintenance expenses.

Can we license your software and we provide our own hardware and we manage it ourselves?
All of our products are based on web service provision to our clients. We do not provide our software to any of our clients for administration and installation.

We would like to have a different language other than English, can you provide a different language ?
Yes, we develop our web services with a wrapper of content management system (CMS) with which we can download a file of the base language (English) of all wordings and sentences used in our software. All one has to do is to enter the corresponding language that one wants, and once uploaded, our products would be in the specific language (at least 90% or more).

Can you do non Latin based languages?
Yes, we can.

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