APF and Excel2APF

Do you provide training to using APF?
Travelport requires an APF user to be trained either by a 3-day online seminar or class room training in Colorado before a company is certified for using APF. Please inquire about this with your Travelport representative. Based on our experience, we do recommend our potential users to formally learn about Travelport’s Agency Private Fares. APF consists of a lot of features and rules that one must be exposed to for effective fare modeling so as to upload fares successfully to the GDS.

In our Excel spread sheet template, our template contains explanations and input options to assist users to enter the data, therefore, it may be possible that the learning curve can be shortened noticeably when someone uses our Excel input format. Travelport may also waive the requirement if your company so decides that the data preparation would be based on our spread sheet usage only.

We do provide training also if it is required. If the training requires half day or a full day training, our trainer’s time may be billable. If there is a site training requirement, traveling expenses must be paid for by the clients.

Do you provide the service of modeling paper contracts?
We may provide such a service to our clients, pending on our availability. Our business is in software development; however, we do offer an add-on service to facilitate our clients to using our products. We do not guarantee the accuracy of paper contract modeling. Our client must sign off the delivery of the service and thereafter, any liability entailed in using the APF modeled by us will be entirely of our clients.

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